5 Tools to Track Social Media Marketing Success

Questions like:

When is your social media audience the most active?

Which social media channel drives the most traffic to your site?

How many of your visitors that turned into leads are via social media?

are what you need to have answers to, so that you are able to invest on the right social media channel with the right marketing approach.

You need analytical tools that give user metrics that help you with significant data on your social media marketing success or failure. It is only when you track the performance of your social media marketing strategy, that you can improvise on what works and discard those that don’t work.

This post lists the 7 free tools that are easy and efficient to use and help you track your social media marketing success.

#1 Google Analytics Alerts

Like Google Alerts, Google Analytics Alerts are useful while the campaign is still running, in that they can assist you to stay up to date with the success of your promotion. This is especially significant if you work for an agency that runs several promotions at once. It also proves useful for small businesses that do not have time to check their Google Analytics accounts every day.

Netvantage Marketing managing partner Adam Henige says:

A lot of people don’t think about keeping tabs on social media with Google Analytics Alerts, but it can be a handy tool to monitor crazy traffic spikes from social sources.

Just head into Alerts and set up an alert for a significant increase in day-to-day traffic from Twitter, Facebook and Google+ and you’ll get email updates when traffic starts falling from the sky.

To set up an alert in Google Analytics:

  • Log into your Google Analytics account.
  • Select the account/website you wish to set an alert for.
  • Click the Settings button in the upper-right corner.
  • Under Profiles, click Assets > Custom Alerts > Create an Alert.



    Click on Profiles, Assets and Custom Alerts to create an alert.

  • Under Alert Name, enter something that will be easy to recognize when you receive the email.
  • The Period will depend on how long your promotion is running. For short promotions, a day works well.
  • Under This Applies To, select Traffic Sources > Source, and under Conditions select Contains Twitter. This will send you alerts about the traffic you’re receiving from Twitter. You can play with these options to receive different alerts about different outlets such as YouTube, Pinterest or Facebook.
  • Under Alert Me When, select Visits and under Condition select a number that makes sense for you. If you’re looking for spikes in traffic, you will want to put Previous Day as the Compared To value. For this one, I chose 50% more traffic than the previous day.
    create alert

    You can tailor these alerts to notify you of important information in your particular social promotion or campaign.

#2 Facebook Insights

With the recent changes in the way Facebook News Feed stories are chosen and displayed and the increasing number of business pages on Facebook, it becomes really difficult to make your post visible to your Facebook audience.

However, Facebook’s very own tracking tool, Facebook Insights, makes your job easier. It allows you to understand which is the best day of the week or the best time in a day, your fans are online most of the time.

Just go to your Facebook business page’s admin panel, click on Insights. Now click on Posts and click on the tab that says When Your Fans Are Online.

Please refer to the Facebook Insights screenshot shown below:

Facebook Insights Tracking Tool To Find When Fans Are Online The Most

All you have to do now, is understand your user behavior with respect to when they are online the most and schedule your posts accordingly.

Apart from this, there are many other metrics found in Facebook Insights that is useful to track your social media marketing success.

You can track your competitor’s Facebook post performances with the function Add Pages which is under the section called Pages To Watch under the Overview tab, as shown below:

Add Pages Function In Facebook Insights

And if you do not know who your competitors currently are, Facebook goes a step further in suggesting you pages to watch, as shown below:

Suggested Pages To Watch On Facebook Insights

You can also track Page Likes, Post Reach and Engagement Metrics on your Facebook Insights that lead you to improvising your Facebook marketing strategy quite efficiently.

Read more about how to track your social media marketing performance on Facebook Insights in this post titled How To Use The New Facebook Insights.

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#3 SocialMention

SocialMention gives you a search box interface and a variety of options including, yes, video. They search at the very least YouTube, blip.tv and Truveo. SocialMention have a streamlined interface and the results show up fairly quickly. Plus it’s free and you can search multiple types of categories in one place. But putting in multiple words, with or without quotes, means it will search on all the words and not just the phrase. Plus it seems like some of the search results are outdated even though video was right up to date. Read more via Tools To Track Online Video Marketing, Brands and Social Footprints 

It is simple but effective free tool to track the reach (or mentions) of words used in your social media campaigns. You can also set email alerts of keywords specific to your social media marketing campaign that you need to track all over the social media web.

The tool monitors more than eighty social media websites that include, Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed, YouTube, Digg and Google. A similar tool is provided for free by Google, known as Google Alerts. The only difference between the two is that, SocialMention is specific to social media sites and Google Alerts tracks mentions in all the sites on the web.

Although, the individual links on the top of the search bar on SocialMention does give you a choice of tracking your keyword on blogs, microblogs, Q&A, comments, news and so on, it hardly works well. Hence, the tool is said to retrieve information best only from social networking sites.

Social Mention Social Media Marketing Tracking Tool

In the above screenshot, you see four metrics calculated by this tool.

Listed below is what each metric stands for:

  • Strength: Chances of your brand being mentioned in social media at that point of time.

  • Sentiment: The ratio of positive mentions over negative mentions.

  • Passion: Chances of how often the particular mention will repeat around the same social media circles.

  • Reach: It is a metric of how influential the mention is. It is calculated by dividing the number of unique authors mentioning the particular word by total number of mentions.

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#4 Pinterest Web Analytics

Pinterest’s original analytics tool only shared information about how users interact with the Pin It button installed on your website. Unfortunately, those stats couldn’t give you a complete picture of whether your overall Pinterest efforts were working.

The newest Analytics features give you access to quite a bit more data, such as stats on engagement beyond your Pin It button. Now you can track actions that originate from your Pinterest profile—including boards and the pins you share (whether the pins are from your own website or not).

To gain access to Pinterest’s new analytics, you must have a Pinterest business account. When that’s in place, head over to your analytics dashboard.

Your Pinterest Analytics dashboard shows an overview of the three main categories: Your Pinterest Profile, Your Audience and Activity From (Your Website). You can click on each category to see additional details and have a better idea of how your Pinterest efforts are paying off.

new analytics features

New features include three categories overflowing with data.

The bottom of the page features your five Top Pin Impressions from the past 30 days. At a glance you can see how many repins, clicks and likes these pins have and whether they are rich pins.

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#5 TweetReach

TweetReach makes it easy to measure your Twitter campaigns so you can demonstrate real results. Use TweetReach to analyze tweets about your hashtag, brand name or URL; get in-depth social analytics on reach, exposure, tweets and contributors. If you monitor a brand, track media events, run marketing campaigns, or hold contests and games on Twitter for your company or your clients, TweetReach is a simple way to measure the impact of your efforts.

Here’s a video overview of how TweetReach benefits its users:

And here’s an overview of the reach of the Marketing Technology Blog… pretty impressive! You can enter a domain, a specific URL or a hashtag or search term. As with any reach metric, I believe you need to take a conservative approach. Reach is a lot like eyeballs… sure you may be reaching them, but that doesn’t mean they’re going to do business with you. Read more via TweetReach: How Far Did Your Tweet Travel?