Video Optimization — How To Optimize Your Videos 3 Tips


What is Video Search Engine Optimization?

Just as you optimize landing pages and build full campaigns around a piece of written content to ensure it performs, you have to do the same with videos. In other words, you can’t bank on “going viral,” but you can add some leading-edge customization to video content to make sure it drives business. Read more… 

If you aren’t optimizing your videos to match what people are searching, your videos are likely to get lost and not reach their intended audience. Without reaching their intended audience, they serve no purpose.

So how do you ensure your videos get results? With video search engine optimization, commonly referred to as video SEO, use the following 5 valuable tips to get your video to reach the first page of Google and YouTube, but most importantly build visibility to a large niche audience that is interested in what you have to offer. Here are 3 tips on how you can optimize your videos for search engines including YouTube and on mobile devices:

Video Optimization for SEO

Use Keywords

This is an excellent place to start when it comes to optimization. Just as with a traditional piece of content, you want to be able to tell the bots what your content is about, and keywords are a huge part of that. You want to make sure your keywords are natural, but it doesn’t hurt to make it a point to include keywords in your title, description, and tags.

Of course, part of using keywords for optimization is doing a little bit of keyword research, which you can make happen here. As you might have assumed, you have a better chance of ranking well on a YouTube search; however, it is possible to rank on both YouTube andGoogle GOOGL -5.54%. Certain keywords lend themselves to ranking well on Google, such as the popular example “cute cats.” Google knows that when people type this in they want to see videos as opposed to an article about why cats are cute. Read more…

Use Catchy Title

Capture the potential viewer’s attention with a catchy title that contains related key phrases that are relevant to your brand or service. Do some keyword research and find the words that your audience will most likely be searching, but remember to keep the title interesting, not just filled with keywords.

Create a title that will catch the eye of a user. Brainstorm some titles that catch your eye when passing a magazine rack. What compels you to pick up a magazine? Read more…

Use Tags

Optimize your video with important key phrases or keywords. Don’t use complicated words or terminology that may not be common to the average person.

Refer back to your keyword research and think in terms of what your targeted audience might be searching for when looking to find your brand or service. Tag your video with these terms and consider naming the file of the video with these terms in mind. Read more…

Youtube Video Optimization SEO

Video Elements

To begin with, when a video is about to be uploaded it is better to include relevant keywords into its filename rather than keep it ambiguous, for example

In addition, the YouTube video title, description, category, captions, and annotations are significant parts in the video optimization process, and their effective use is able to boost video rankings to the top of the results. Read more…

Video Title

The title of the video should not exceed 70 characters, and it should include relevant keywords linking to the content. This ensures that the entire video title will be shown up in search results. In addition, it needs to be descriptive so it can be easily search for, and finally compelling enough to encourage people to watch it. Read more…

Video Description

The description of the video should not exceed 160 characters in order to be entirely shown up in search results. Otherwise, when description needs to be larger and more informative, compelling short text should be added in the beginning of the description. A link to the website should be added in the first line of the description as well, and relevant keywords should be included in the text. Read more…

Video Thumbnails

unbranded youtube thumbnailsA picture is worth a thousand words as the old adage goes and they can be worth thousands of views too if you know how to choose or create optimal YouTube Thumbnails.

You can work tirelessly to get your videos to appear higher in search results and be serves as a Suggested Video but if your thumbnail isn’t easy on the eye then no-one will click on it. Read more…

Mobile Video Optimization

Optimize Your Website to Be Responsive on Mobile

Responsive design is a very big deal for websites these days, and if you are hosting videos on your own site, then think about how viewers access video landing pages via their mobiles. Your unique video landing pages for mobile viewers should be a more trimmed-down version so they get the full value of the player without missing out on the extra text and images that are provided. Jeroen confirmed that the JW team were seeing a massive drop-off rate on mobile devices for brands that don’t have a responsive site.

A responsive site is one that has been created so that all of the content on a page remains consistent, no matter how the viewer accesses it. If a viewer is using their PC or laptop screen to view then they are obviously getting the full view of the website. If they access via a tablet or smartphone, the page will retract to fit the screen they are viewing the content on. 

responsive website design

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